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PTS renewables expert practises what he preaches

PTS Renewables Product Group Manager

PTS Renewables Product Group Manager Ian Stares is putting his money where his mouth is after installing solar panels and a heat pump in his own house.

With new energy efficient targets set in the 2009 budget, PTS believes that the industry needs to continue making strides in adopting this technology. Through experts based at branch level and its dedicated Renewable Energy Branch in Aylesford, PTS has recognised that renewable energy products are becoming increasingly popular, while the whole market represents a range of services that installers could be providing to customers.

Ian said: "I wanted to install a solar panel and a heat pump in my own home so that I can relay my positive experiences to PTS colleagues selling this technology on the trade counter as well as reducing my carbon footprint and saving money. My message is that as energy companies buy back surplus electricity generated and combined with low interest rates and the added value this technology brings to a property, renewable energy products can make financial as well as environmental sense.

"Climate change is now high on the Government agenda and I was pleased to see increased focus in the recent budget with increased funding. It's clear that installers and homeowners need further education, with merchants such as PTS playing a key role in helping to achieve the Government's carbon reduction objectives."

With grant support from the low carbon building programme, solar thermal and photovoltaic panels were fitted to Ian Stares house by microgeneration certification accredited installers. The system works by using the sun to generate domestic hot water and electricity, which in turn will help to reduce the annual energy costs in the Stares household as well as minimising their carbon footprint. PTS offers a range of high quality domestic solar thermal, photovoltaic panels and heat pumps and can provide independent advice on energy efficiency and renewable energy to its customers.